Antrim’s select board recount solidifies results  

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript
Thursday, March 30, 2017 6:38AM

A select board race recount in Antrim resulted in one additional vote for incumbent John Robertson.

Town Administrator Donna Hanson said Robertson picked up one vote during the recount, which ticked the final number to 168. Opponent Charles Levesque gathered 143 votes during the election, a number that remained the same despite the recount.

Levesque requested a recount after he heard that a class-action lawsuit could be filed as a result of towns across the state postponing elections due to a snow storm that dumped about a foot and a half of snow on March 14. State officials advised towns to hold their elections despite weather reports, although nearly 80 towns strayed from the advice and postponed them, citing safety concerns as a primary reason.

Levesque argued postponing elections led to sluggish voter turnout. According to numbers from the town clerk’s office, this year 315 people voted. Last year, 497 people voted. In 2015, 640 people voted, in 2014, 673 , and in 2013, 890.

Levesque said he wasn’t expecting the results to be overturned during the recount, instead that pursuing it could show a judge down the line that he had put in effort. He said it also solidifies voter turnout numbers.

“The recount was to verify voter turnout, and it did that,” Levesque said of the results.

Levesque said he talked to someone at the secretary of state’s office on Tuesday regarding Senate bill 248 “ratifying elections and meetings postponed due to a weather emergency on March 14, 2017.” During that conversation, he said, he was told that the secretary of state was getting together with leadership in the House and Senate about what it should do about the issue.

The secretary of state’s office was unable to comment regarding the status of the bill by deadline on Wednesday.

The last action on the bill happened on March 23, when it was amended to establish a committee to study the rescheduling of elections.

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