This could be your big break

  • In Joel Ripka’s one-man-show, “Every Brilliant Thing,” audience members are enlisted to the action. PHOTOS BY WILL HOWELL

For the Ledger-Transcript
Monday, February 05, 2018 5:47PM

One man shows can often be hit or miss.The new Peterborough Players production, “Every Brilliant Thing,” is a hit.

The show, which runs Feb. 1- 11, offers more than one would expect, in a variety of different ways. The show, starring Joel Ripka, follows a man who recounts his life long process of writing a list of ‘every brilliant thing’ in the world in an attempt to show his suicidal mother the little things in life worth living for.

The performance contains a truly unique experience for everyone involved, and certainly an entertaining one. Upon entering, I had no idea that I would be unknowingly cast as one of the main characters in the play. However unexpected the twist was, it was the definition of fun.

The play is beyond what one would consider audience-engaging, giving any and all who wish to contribute to the show an opportunity in one way or another. One of the few who are lucky enough to be chosen for main parts will be guided along in their acting sink-or-swim debut as Ripka offers specific directions that are subtly set in script. Despite the rather intimidating prospect of acting without warning, the entire atmosphere is comfortable and inviting, leaving it rather difficult to feel the slightest bit embarrassed.  

Joel Ripka does an outstanding job being charismatic, convincing, and deeply touching while portraying his role. His ability to make you laugh one second and feel bittersweet the next is both riveting and enjoyable.

A truly wonderful experience, production, and story mesh together in “Every Brilliant Thing,” bringing a new style to the classic art of performance.