Hilltop announces free membership contest

Published: 4/30/2019 1:57:39 PM

Thanks to the generosity of John Adams, Hilltop Golf Course in Peterborough, will give away three free youth memberships for the 2019 season.

The deadline for all entries is May 21.

Local middle and high school students, regardless of golf experience are eligible to enter the John Adams Spirit of Golf Contest. If a winner does not own clubs, Hilltop Golf Course will provide a rental set at no additional charge.

Three winners will be selected based on their answers to this fill-in-the-blank, ‘I like golf or I want to play golf because” Answers can be one wonderful sentence, or as long as two paragraphs.

Adams of Peterborough recently celebrated his 88th birthday. Last year he played nearly 90 rounds of golf at Hilltop, and he plans to reach 100 rounds this year. He is happy to share his love of golf by providing memberships to local students.

“I am honored to have my name attached to these youth memberships. Golf teaches wonderful life lessons. I learned rather quickly, that when you cut corners in golf, you create unnecessary problems for yourself. Played as it’s meant to be played, golf builds character. It’s also a game you can play for a lifetime, and which you will make lifelong friends.”

Adams also relishes the mental agility that the game requires. “You don’t have to be physically powerful, but you do have to use your head. When I’m on the course, my mind just flows. I am here and only here. That’s very peaceful. Also, I’ve made terrific friends through golf.”

Golf became an important part of Adams’s life in 1951 when he and his wife, June, joined their local country club in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for $100. The young couple took lessons, and enjoyed the game for decades together.

After more than 40 years of criss-crossing the country as a paper salesman, Adams retired from International Paper in 1994. He moved to New Hampshire and joined what was then the Monadnock Country Club, in Peterborough. He has been a member ever since; celebrating 25 years of membership this year.

“When I discovered this course, I was so pleased because it fit me. I used to walk, until just a few years ago. Now I use a cart, and it is still good exercise. My doctor is very pleased that I get out as often as I do.”

Before joining the historic Peterborough golf course, Adams tried out several others, but “they were crowded and that was a turn off to me. I come here. I play. I’m not rushed. It fits me.”

When The Monadnock Country Club closed in 2016, Adams feared that his golf days were over. “I thought what a shame. What a loss.” When the course reopened under new management and a new name for the 2017 season, Adams was among the first to buy a membership.

“If this were to close, it would be such a loss for the community. I want to do what I can to help Hilltop continue. Attracting new members of all ages, is critical.”

In his mid-80’s Adams’ scores were frustrating him, and he found he wasn’t enjoying the golf nearly as much as he had. But last year he regained his edge. It was simple. He began playing from the forward tees, after learning that his age suggested the forward tees were where he should be.

“I should have moved up years ago. I’m having so much more fun. I am shooting as good a score as I did 20 years ago. ”

On this note, Annie Card, owner of the golf course, says she is working to educate Hilltop members and guests on this point. “I refer to the red markers as the Forward Tees, not the Women’s Tees. Further back, are the white markers or the Middle Tees. And the blue ones are the Back Tees, not the Men’s Tees.”

Simply put, unless you are in tournament play, choose your tee spot based on ability, not your gender or your age. This will keep your round fun, and move the game along at a reasonable pace.

Beginners and others with a short drive should play from the forward tees. Women and men who have more success with their drives will likely want to play from the middle or back tees.” We’re a short course, so back up if you are lucky enough to have a nice long drive,” Card said.

Adams and Card will review all contest entries and announce the lucky winners of The John Adams Spirit of Golf 2019 memberships by May 25.

To apply for the John Adams Spirit of Golf Membership, email annie@Hilltopgolf.net with John Adams Golf in the subject line. Tell us what you like about the game of golf. Include your name, address, phone number, age, and the school that you currently attend.


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