Why no Fry cows?

  • Stan Fry of Peterborough moves some of his cows from pasture to pasture on a Peterborough farm. Staff photo by Ben Conant

Friday, July 20, 2018 3:29PM
Why no Fry cows?

To the editor:

After reading Peter Allen’s “Grazing cattle good to maintain pastures” I ask, ...why again did the Conservation Commission deny Stan Fry’s request to graze cattle? I have walked the Wheeler Trail and concur with Mr. Fry’s assessment of the poor condition of the land. I wonder how many of the more than 200 people who signed a petition against the request have actually hiked the trail.

Mark Fernald says “the issue is not really whether Fry could improve this piece of land, but whether it makes sense to let a private citizen use public land.” When we walk the trail, we are private citizens using the public land (I know, it’s different but in a sense it isn’t). I was out of town and missed the June meeting at the Town Hall.

Could someone please write a comparable article to Peter Allen’s excellent one explaining the rejection. I’d like to dispel my opinion that it’s all about NIMBY.

David Buren