Letter: The wrong time and place

Published: 6/12/2019 10:33:42 AM
The wrong time and place

To the editor:

I, among most, was taken aback when one of the ConVal teachers found graduation to be her prime time to drool out her political agenda. Her “climate change” speech, which had absolutely nothing to do with the many hard working graduating young men and women that the event was supposed to be about, was long winded, absurd and insulting to more than a handful of the audience.

Surrounded by loggers, race participants and fans, concrete workers, mechanics and paper mill employees, she took the spotlight off of the graduates to shine it on their families, making her speech about how these professions are destroying the world. We all sat, melting in the sun politely, quietly shocked as the teacher droned on about melting ice caps, running cars, and tree murders. I am not sure exactly who this teacher is that we have subjected our students to for four long years, but hopefully someone can teach her about time and place and perhaps she can get extra help from next year’s students on how to hold a little bit of class and decorum during public functions.

Congratulations, class of 2019.

Jeanne Cahoon



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