Letter: A tale of two phone companies

Published: 11/7/2019 1:34:00 PM
Modified: 11/7/2019 1:33:50 PM

Letter: A tale of two phone companies

To the editor:

In the past few weeks the paper has run stories about two phone companies. In Lyndeborough, the phone company that can is running fiber to most houses. In Mason, the Phone Company That Can’t (PCTC) is spending large amounts of the ratepayers’ money to deliver twenty-year-old technology. ‘Extremely shortsighted’ may be the kindest way to describe this.

Fifteen or so years ago I told PCTC how they could deliver DSL at minimal expense to this area. I’ve still got the ten-year-old DSL modem they sent me when they didn’t know where they did and did not have service. Then the only PCTC employee who knew what was what (the guy who drove the repair truck) came to my house and sadly informed me: “There’s no DSL in this area.”

Two years ago I sent pictures to the area head of PCTC. They were of fiber optic cable four utility poles away from this PCTC area, and of the billboard on 101 at the Temple/Wilton line advertising “300 megabits/second for $50/month.” His response was: “Prohibitively expensive, can’t be done.” If it can’t be done, how come the other phone company can do it and make money on it?

Over the decades, those of us in this technology ghetto have paid for modern service many times over in various FCC charges. What we’ve gotten for our money is regular changes in the logo on the trucks, to the point where just listing all of the aliases PCTC has gone under would exceed the word limit for letters.

This is like the pictures of Korea at night. Those of us in PCTC’s North Korea can look across the four utility pole wide DMZ and see the lights of South Korea. Now they’re throwing a twenty-year-old bone across the DMZ to the starving people on the far side. I guess it’s better than continuing to starve. However. the bright lights on the other side of the DMZ still make me envious.

John Lewicke


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