A misunderstanding

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 11:24AM
A misunderstanding

To the editor:

On Nov. 7, the Ledger-Transcript reported that the Hilltop Golf Course had a new owner, that Annie Card purchased the ongoing business.

Annie Card, Vickie Brock, Nadia MacStay and Paul Buffum wish to clarify that the business was transferred to Annie Card and not sold. No money was paid nor any profit made. The transfer of ownership, and its assets, was meant to continue the work that the initial group of three, Vickie Brock, Nadia MacStay and Paul Buffum, had started.

We especially wish to thank all those who donated their time, who bought memberships to Hilltop Golf Course, and to those who donated money to keep the course and function hall open for future generations. It was a total volunteer operation at Hilltop this year. Many golf memberships were paid for even though those same members were not able to use their memberships or were no longer able to play golf. With the donated funds and the help of MacDowell Colony, we were able to purchase the inventory of the function hall. Without everyone’s generosity the function hall would not have been able to re-open.

We hope with the transfer of ownership that the community will continue to support Hilltop Golf and give Annie Card all the support that Vickie, Nadia and Paul received.

Vickie Brock, Nadia
MacStay, Paul Buffum and
Annie Card