Letter: Oeser declares candidacy

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 9:34AM

Some may ask why I would want to run for re-election with the contentious nature of the current board. The biggest reason: those that don’t agree with some of the things that have happened in our town need a voice (a seat) at the table.

Although only one vote, it is at least recorded that there is a different opinion. If we want to turn things around, it is imperative that I hold my seat.

Generally, I hope to be able to continue looking for ways to contain costs, keep the taxes we pay stable, find alternative sources of funding and most of all, make sure that the taxpayers receive the services not only required, but desired by the people of Rindge.

My background: I have lived in Rindge since 1978. I have served on the Planning Board for four years, the Budget Advisory Committee for three years and served twice on the Master Plan steering committee. This experience gives me a broad background of knowledge on how the town operates. I attend as many “officials” workshops as possible to continue to gain more knowledge on municipal finance and the statutes that guide us. Accomplishments that have been financially beneficial to the town by either my spearheading or suggesting: auctions of town-owned property, initiated the change in IT providers (a savings of $35,000 a year), proposed the legislative change to the Electric Light Trust Fund, and (“The Biggy”) introduced the apportionment change for funding the school district.

I’m not only asking that you vote for me, but that you encourage others to do the same. The most important thing is to get as many folks to the polls as possible to vote Oeser for Selectman and to vote “Yes” on Article 5 on both the school and town warrants.

Roberta Oeser