Letter: A curious ruling in Wilton

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 9:34AM

To the editor:

In Wilton men are men and so are women, at least in the opinion of Selectmen William Condra and Kermit Williams. During the Feb. 12 selectmen’s meeting the two defeated a motion proposed by Selectwoman Kellie-Sue Boissonnault to change the official name of the Board of Selectmen to the more accurate and flexible name of Select Board in recognition that the board members could consist of all women, all men, or, as it is at present, a combination of the two.

Mr. Condra observed that the board has been called the Board of Selectmen for 200 years (referencing no source for his assertion) and that the proposed change was a matter of political correctness. I’m sure he understands that men and women differ in a plethora of ways, none of which pertain to politics. Mr. Condra and Mr. Williams agreed that changing the board’s name to Selectwomen was impractical inasmuch as its members are not all women. Both men appeared to be blind to the irony that their observation was precisely the reason for Ms. Boissonnault’s motion.

Obviously, her proposed name change is correct regardless of the gender mix of the board. To reject such a reasonable proposition suggests to me that both Mr. Condra and Mr. Williams failed to assess it on its merits but rather on dated and mindless attitudes about women’s roles in 2018 compared to those prevalent in centuries long past.

Ruth Ann Smith