Continue to prioritize Peterborough’s library

  • The Peterborough Town Library Staff photo by Ben Conant

Friday, May 11, 2018 2:52PM

To the editor:

When my family lived in New Ipswich, we made a special trip to the Peterborough Town Library every Friday. We paid the out-of-town fee for our card, and they made it worth it with what they offered. Since I was a toddler I would attend the story time and craft programs, and growing up all my friends and I participated in the summer reading program. I attended the book club Pizza and Pages for several years, and went to many one-off events such as an exotic animal meet-and-greet where I learned how bad armadillos smell, and what the scales of a python feel like.

The Peterborough library was a home away from home for me as I grew up, and was a huge influencer on my family’s decision to move directly across the street from it. The library has always been hugely accommodating and helpful, with easy access to the interlibrary loan system, and an excellent and helpful staff. The library has been a great space for shows during the Thing in the Spring, for meetings, and as a gallery to display my own work last December when I was generously given the whole month to show my photography, complete with an opening reception with drinks and crackers.

The library cares about being helpful, and providing an excellent third place for our community. I participated in a small gathering of teenagers and children to discuss what we might want from the updated library. They are listening to the needs of the community, and it is important that we continue to prioritize such an important institution.

On May 9, I urge everyone to vote Yes on article 13 to rebuild the library, and improve a historic part of what makes Peterborough so great.

Oliver Ward