Letter: A history lesson

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 9:34AM

To the editor:

I’m noting your announcement (Feb. 15) of the DubHub “discussion” on the Constitution (Feb 24, 4:30 p.m., Dublin Community Center) by one local retired jurist-cum-activist and his faculty cohorts, and some of the questions quoted therein – supposedly from a U.S. naturalization exam. I’d like to offer your readers the following “crib sheet” for the meeting:

Question 1: “What is one right of freedom from the First Amendment” Answer: none.

Question 2: “Under the Constitution ... what is one power of the states?” Answer: none.

Truly, the inmates are running the asylum if the naturalization exam has been accurately quoted.

The above answers are the correct answers because the Constitution grants no powers or rights to the people or the states. It’s just the other way around. The people, via the Constitution, grant separate, distinct and limited powers to the legislative, executive and judicial branches of a federal government. They never, within such grants, provided those entities any power to limit speech or the practice of religion. The First Amendment, as the entire “bill of rights,” is merely rhetorical: a clarification of the pre-existing Constitution, ratification of same having been conditioned upon such later clarification: the “Massachusetts Compromise.”

Especially in light of recent tragedies, expect the DubHub presenters to pretend the Second Amendment is limited in application and meaning to government-organized militias, not the people individually to keep and bear arms. Remember, the Second Amendment effects nothing and is only rhetorical, a mere footnote, and not the true source of your gun rights. That source was already described in our Declaration of Independence.

Hope patriots will attend and speak up as I cannot that day.

Ross Wilkinson