Let’s see the Auditor’s Report

Friday, August 10, 2018 5:0PM
To the editor:

One might fault both the Wilton Select Board and its Budget Committee for apparently failing to demand the reports by their auditors. But before we cast that stone, let us consider that we have much the same situation with the ConVal School District. Who has ever seen the ConVal Auditor’s Report and especially their Recommendations? I asked for this report regularly for many years as a school board member but it is NEVER produced.

This is public information, not just the whitewash page that appears in the annual ConVal report each March. ConVal is spending roughly $45 million every year and we don’t demand to know what the auditors are saying? Maybe everything is appropriate but this stonewalling and secrecy creates suspicion.

My town of Temple puts our entire Auditor’s Report on the website every year so everyone can read it. Our auditors do a good job questioning what we do.

This year we needed to encumber some 2017 budget money for our planning board.

Our auditors said: Show us the contract that requires it. That was an appropriate request and we produced the contract (it was for outside help with a new Master Plan).

Even better, we have an annual public meeting with our auditors to ask questions to improve mutual understanding.

This is what ConVal needs to do. Release the Auditor’s Report and Recommendations for 2017 now and 2018 as soon as completed. Involve the School Board, the Selectman’s Advisory Committee and the public. We are entitled to have this information.

Gail Cromwell