Letter: Trump has made us unprepared

Published: 3/23/2020 12:20:50 PM


To the editor:

Trump thought he would look bad if people here started getting sick – America was too great for that – so he proclaimed that they would not get sick, none of them. And nothing was done to prepare for the pandemic. Then when people did begin getting sick, his concern was for the sinking stock market, not the health of the American public.

As usual, he fell back on calling the coronavirus fake news the Democrats and the media made up to make him look bad. Make Trump look bad? He had that one covered! 50 countries have been testing for this virus with a kit made available by the World Health Organization. Trump said no to that, the U.S. would go it alone.

Now over a month later, we still have no sound test here while South Korea, for example, is testing 5,000 people a day.

Trump spent three years discarding many of the scientists and medical professionals who deal with contagious diseases because in his whole life the only reality he has dealt with is Reality TV. He routinely dismisses Science itself – his “gut” always knows best. We don’t need experts and professionals because we have him and his considerable gut to rely upon.

So much of Trump’s manifest unfitness is revealed in this deadly episode: the non-stop narcissism, the absence of empathy, the choosing of sycophancy over competence, the ignorance disguised by bluster and bullying and blaming everyone who “doesn’t like Trump.” It is reasonable to conclude that people will die because Trump blew this so badly. He has yet to shoot anyone in Times Square, so for his faithful followers that test remains. What about this one?

Larry Duberstein


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