A Tale of Two Bills

Published: 5/2/2019 11:00:08 AM
A Tale of two Bills

To the editor:

The format of Tuesday’s (April 30) “Viewpoints” page provided a useful, side-by-side comparison of the two candidates running for Peterborough Select Board.

Both Bill Kennedy and Bill Taylor present their visions for what needs to be done to address serious problems facing the community. Each takes a heartfelt, proactive approach to meeting the challenge. You might even say that both share similar visions about what’s at stake. There is, however, one fundamental difference between the two Bills.

Taylor speaks about “building relationships,” “getting our hands dirty,” “new directions,” and “getting people involved.” All very fine sentiments. But his essay doesn’t supply practical solutions and concrete plans to solve problems.

Kennedy, on the other hand, realizes that “the devil is in the details.” His piece outlines specific problems succinctly, focuses on difficult issues in depth, and offers detailed, insightful strategies for meeting challenges head-on. Kennedy explains clearly how the loss of business income tax impacts individual property taxes and what to do about it. He summarizes how the legislature has shifted certain burdensome financial responsibilities to localities and how to reverse that trend. He tackles the inequities in education funding with concrete examples and provides clear-cut remedies.

As a Bennington resident, I can’t vote in this election. But as someone who has lived and worked in Peterborough for long stretches in the past, I offer some “neighborly” advice on how best to evaluate the two candidates.

Daniel Sullivan


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