Thursday, March 16, 2017
Americans arebeing duped

To the editor:

Recently, a letter writer wrote about building walls as a solution to all kinds of problems. She mentioned Israel’s high, heavily fortified wall as an example. That got me thinking.

We have given Israel more aid than any other country because it is under grave, existential threat. Understandably, Israel built a long, expensive wall for defense. When its route was controversial, we supported Israel’s right to defend itself. It made sense.

There’s one problem. Even while building the fence, the Israeli government has also been building settlements for its Jewish citizens ... on the other side! Why would a beleaguered, threatened, walled-off nation deliberately put its citizens into the midst of its enemy?

Furthermore, 85 percent of Israel’s wall has been built beyond the Green Line. Israel obviously is in total control and has the power to ignore this internationally recognized boundary. It is a wall of conquest. Claims it was based on “security” ring pretty false when citizens are moved to the other side of it. And this settlement building continues apace.

Americans are being duped into sending taxpayer money to a powerful nation bent on aggressive expansion. Sens. Shaheen and Hassan have staunchly supported this charade by co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 6, protecting Israel’s settlements. President Trump has expressed his support as well. We have much better uses for our tax dollars. Let them know.

Patricia Saenger