A few notes on the recent op-ed

To the editor:

Peter Wells Oct. 14 Viewpoint op-ed did a fine job of educating readers on many natural variables affecting our planetary home. However, he failed to mention that sunlight easily passes through atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) to fall upon every square foot of the earth’s surface. Nor did he explain that as sunlight heats the earth, infrared radiation is emitted, a form of energy which cannot easily pass back through CO2. The consequence is similar to a vehicle’s interior when parked in the sun, windows closed.

He overlooked mentioning a natural harmonious oscillation of air temperatures and CO2 content was in place for millenia -- until the 20th century. CO2 content suddenly spiked 60 percent. Currently, 2000-2009, registered the hottest decade ever recorded. This alarming cyclical doscordance is clearly the result of human activities including population growth, deforestation, and CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning to supply worldwide energy needs. Space limitation prevents further evidence.

Sea levels are rising, tropical diseases are migrating northward, polar ice caps may disappear entirely during summer months by 2015. Antarctic ice, stable for tens of thousands of years, is breaking apart. Chunks the size of Rhode Island and Connecticut have broken away.

In 2003 the Pentagon began planning to overcome global warming threats to public safety and military resources.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (193 nations) is very close to membership adoption of mandatory greenhouse gas emissions reductions. (It has taken 20 years of study and controversy resolutions.)

When you vote, take into account candidates with a vested interest in energy-producing resources and/or those cherishing entrepreneurial freedoms, suffer from “confirmation bias” (an ideological rejection or disregard of contrary facts.)

In 1985, President Reagan removed hot water solar panels from the White House roof which President Carter had installed only six years previously. The malady hasn’t changed -- only the players.

Laurance Foley

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