Letter: Guilty as charged

To the editor:

In response to [Kristen Levesque’s] letter recently:

I am guilty as charged. I have written many letters in the past 40 years. At last count it’s more than 2,000. To the best I can recall, no one has ever found me to lie or misrepresent the facts. I am not an employee of the Ledger-Transcript and they seldom edit my thoughts.

In my letter on student-teacher ratios, all the facts were from the board. All the calculations were mine. I enclosed a copy of the district figures as my source of facts. I have total support of anything Marion Alese produces. She is incredible. I doubt any of her figures are wrong.

If there are any of my figures that are wrong, I wish you’d let me know. It’s never my intent to misrepresent facts. I recognized district figures as my source of data in my letter.

Using district figures I conclude that the student-teacher ratio is out of whack. It appears from their data that we have not matched teacher numbers with dropping enrollment. I also provided the Ledger-Transcript a copy of the raw data of the district.

If we would assume your classroom student-teacher ratio is 25 and representative of all district classrooms and we have 2,455 students enrolled in the district, then according to simple division (2,455/25), 98 teachers would be needed. We have 262 teachers. You made my point. Thanks.

Fran Chapman


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