Overcoming  reading challenge

To the editor:

Windy Row Learning Center wishes to congratulate the volunteers at RSVP for their dedication in reading with children. Reading with an interested and supportive adult is a positive and motivating experience for children.

For one out of five children, however, a specific type of tutoring is required to help them decipher the code of the written word. These bright and creative children have dyslexia or a similar reading challenge; they may be unable to match the shapes and sounds of letters, may refuse absolutely to read out loud, are unable to read or spell a word the same way in the same sentence, have trouble with finding rhymes for words, and feel like they are drained of energy when trying to finish a complete page or chapter in a book.

In those cases, children benefit most from specialized one-on-one tutoring using Orton-Gillingham or Lindamood-Bell programs, as provided by professionally trained tutors. If an adult is reading with a child who shows any of the signs mentioned above or who seems to be far behind peers in reading and comprehension skills, we want them to know that help is available at Windy Row Learning Center’s after-school tutoring program.

For more information, including true stories of children and adults who have recognized and overcome their reading challenges, please visit www.windyrow.org.

Sharon Bailly

Windy Row
Learning Center

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