Tell them zoning is not for sale

To the editor:

Since Antrim Wind Energy showed up in town, some people who don’t live in North Branch have spoken mighty disparagingly of those that do, and who will be most affected by the sight, sound and diminished property values to come. NIMBY’s — not-in-my-backyarders — as they are curtly referred to, are grouped as some kind of “fringe” element without a claim in what happens around and above them. But that “backyard” could be getting much bigger for all of us, and here is why. AWE first chose to circumvent the planning process by petitioning the N.H. Site Evaluation Committee to hear and decide on their industrial wind facility application. But the SEC said “no,” and then they said “no” again to the proposed Tuttle Mountain site appeal.

Here comes AWE once more, with their self-made petition warrant article in an attempt to avoid scrutiny by the SEC. Their hope is that the voters of Antrim will be less insistent, perhaps even back down, by allowing AWE to write their own ticket. The heck with the residents of North Branch, the Gregg Lake neighborhood, and the solitude of the Willard Pond — Robb Reservoir Sanctuary.

Antrim voters, this attempt at high-jacking our Zoning Ordinance, and opening our Rural Conservation Zone and Highway Business District to “industrial development,” will not just cement the way for AWE on the ridge above North Branch, it will set a precedent for large-scale development just about anywhere along Routes 9 and 202, and to the reaches of our Rural Conservation Zone. You too may become a NIMBY soon with industry knocking on your back door, in what will become your powerless plight, if this warrant article passes. Antrim Zoning Ordinance is not for sale — vote “NO” on No. 5 March 11, and invite AWE to take their business elsewhere.

Peter Moore


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