SAC’s role in our schools is too big

To the editor:

I’ll say it again, in part because I’m sure some folks “can’t,” and others don’t dare. The SAC (Selectmen’s Advisory Committee) needs to back off. A web search of “Selectmen’s Advisory Committee NH school” suggests ConVal is the only district in this state that has such a committee. 

The School Board and selectmen are a representative body elected directly by the citizens of their respective towns. The selectmen were not elected to direct the School Board. Though the articles of agreement require a SAC committee, the responsibilities are minimal and vague. The representation is not balanced; each town get’s one representative regardless of size. Clearly that suggests the SAC was meant to be informative and advisory, and in both directions, especially around things like shared resources. Perhaps it is time to remove that part of the articles of agreement so School Board members can spend less time dealing with the SAC, and focus on what they were elected to do.

I’m not trying to suggest listening to selectmen is bad; cooperating makes sense. Unfortunately some selectmen are trying to control things for which they have little knowledge. They certainly have no special knowledge or any more insight (and in some cases a lot less) than the very many other well informed citizens of the district.

The SAC needs to listen, and perhaps answer only when asked for input, but they need not to be directing the school district or dictating the formation of yet another committee formed to close schools; if they have that desire, they should try to run for School Board.

Peter K Martel


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I agree. Barton Goodeve Sharon, NH

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