Administrative cuts in order

To the editor:

Concerning the budget issues facing the Conval School district, I do not understand why no one ever mentions cuts in administration expenses. Let me first state that the administrators work hard, as do the teachers, related service professionals and paraprofessionals. However, historically the administrators never seem to have their salaries or jobs questioned by any community members who are looking to save money.

The community never has a chance to vote on whether administrators receive raises, the way we vote on those who work directly with students. The administrators’ salaries and benefits are paid for with taxpayer money. Over this recent recession, the administrators continued to receive their merit pay raises with the exception of one year, and somehow that discussion was portrayed as an insult to them. However, having the teaching staff’s salaries debated and questioned is never considered offensive. There is a chart published in the March 25 paper regarding area teachers’ contributions to health insurance. I would like someone to do a chart comparing our top administrators’ salaries to those in the surrounding districts. In fact, no one ever questions why we have had some of the highest paid SAU administrators in the state. No one can say that about the teaching staff. In fact, one of our former superintendents has been named on the “100 highest N.H. State Pensions” list. Before the current superintendent and School Board okay staff cuts or programs affecting students, I respectfully request they consider ways to cut the administrative budget this year.

Linda Scerbinski


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