Plan to buy Coll’s store takes shape

Coll’s Farm could open once again in their old building at 16 Colls Farm Road as early as February, and a popular Depot Square shop in Peterborough may be moving there, too.

A smaller farm stand has been operating out of the neighboring sugarhouse since Coll’s Farm closed on June 17. Coll’s Farm may potentially lease space out of their old building beginning next year, after Jim and Susan Therriault, owners of New England Everyday Goods located in Peterborough, buy the building.

In an interview on Monday, Jim Therriault said that everything would be finalized at the end of December. The 6,184-square-foot building sits on over 1.5 acres of land and was valued at $258, 940 on James R. St. Jean Auctioneer’s website during the summer. A public auction was originally planned for the building on Aug. 29, if no prospective buyers had come forward.

Fortunately, Therriault was interested in the Coll’s Farm building and it was not auctioned off. Therriault could not comment on numbers before the sale was finalized, though he described the pieces of the sale process as “all in place.”

Once the purchase is made, Therriault and his wife plan to make some minor repairs and renovations to the building, and then pack New England Everyday Goods up in January and slowly move merchandise over to the new location. Therriault estimated that their store would be all moved in by March. Until then, New England Everyday Goods will be in a phasing out process, though not closed. “We’ll be open,” Therriault said. “It just will not be fully set up.”

As far as Coll’s Farm goes, Therriault said, “[The Colls] plan to lease a significant portion of the farm stand.” Though Therriault couldn’t comment further on financial agreements between the two businesses, he did say that the farm stand is expected to be in the section of the building where produce and farm products were sold, and will probably open sometime in February.

Therriault also said that the section of the building where the Market Cafe used to be may be rented out by another business as a deli or cafe. “That remains to be determined,” Therriault said.

Therriault talked about the good opportunity this purchase presents, both for his business and for Coll’s Farm. “We’re at the point where we can own our own building,” he said. Therriault added, “We’re in our fourth year of business, we know the right merchandise to carry. We’re kind of constrained by the space in here,” he said, referring to their current Depot Square location.

Therriault also mentioned the advantage of collaborating with Coll’s Farm. “They’ll be able to focus on what they do very well and we’ll be able to complement them, and vice versa,” he said. “It’ll be a good fit.”

Archie Coll, who originally owned the farm with his wife, Helen Coll, sold the business to Mark and Lori Coll in 2000. Archie has since taken over the business again, and has been the one in negotiations with Therriault.

In a phone interview Monday, Coll didn’t want to comment without anything set in stone with Therriault. “We need to do a lot more setting up between the two of us,” he said. Coll did add, “We are getting close.”

Though nothing is official yet, Therriault is feeling sure enough about the purchase to tell customers, from whom he’s seen “very positive” reactions.

“Everyone’s excited to hear that Coll’s Farm will be back,” he said.

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