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Numbers reflect the atrocities

To the editor:

Recently, Mark Wisan of Peterborough and Rick Sirvint of Rindge submitted two excellent overviews on Kristallnacht and anti-Semitism, respectively, which were informative and inclusive. They spoke reflectively and contained vital information about historic and current issues plaguing society, today.

Upon reading their articles, my thoughts often turned to the loss and grief so many Jewish families suffered. Eleven million European Jews were targeted with the Middle East’s Jewish community and millions more in the New World slated for future slaughter. Although partially successful, let’s consider the impact. Upon entering the 1940’s, estimated numbers suggest the world’s Jewish population was in the upper 20 millions. Today, the affiliated Jewish community is lucky to reach 14 million, with more than half of those Jewish children living in the State of Israel. By 1945 3 million Polish Jews were killed and marked the end of Yiddish culture.

Placing into perspective these numbers, this number equals the entire populations of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont being completely wiped out and expecting the surrounding states and even Canada to completely ignore what has happened and even worse act as though this doesn’t have historical significance. By 1945, 1.5 million Jewish children were killed based solely on their ancestry. Placing into perspective these numbers, this number equals the entire population of NH. Let’s pause here and reflect on this: an entire state’s population removed by genocidal lust. This historical backdrop provided global support for the Zionist dream of a permanent state of refuge with an inscribed “Law of Return” clause to ensure that the genocide of Jews never occurs again.

In her responses to Wisan and Sirvint’s viewpoints, a Temple resident deliberately ignores and dismisses their salient concerns. Instead she embarks on retread ideals that harken to a darker time when specific, more intense hatreds colored public discourse and political debate. Why?

James Moon


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