Climate science and the 97 percent

To the editor:

I see that the global warming fear mongers are at it again. During the Medieval Climate Optimum around the year 1,000 the climate was warmer than it is today. I wonder how the poor moose ever survived it.

Personally, I would be more worried about how they will survive the coming ice age. Has anyone noticed the recent cold weather across the northern hemisphere this winter and spring?

Then there is the 97 percent of climate scientists verbal garbage. For over 30 years 97 percent of geologists said that Alfred Wegener was wrong. For over 40 years 97 percent of geologists have said he was right. Which 97 percent are we supposed to believe? Science is not determined by popular vote, never has been, and never will be. I see by recent postings on ClimateDepot.com that some of the 97 percent of climate scientists are deserting the global warming cause in the face of reality.

The 97 percent business is classic liberal-socialist mentality in action. Everybody is supposed to be equal. In order to be equal, we all have to think alike. The result is just like the proverbial lemmings; everybody over the cliff together. Fortunately some of us are intelligent and knowledgeable enough that we are able to think for ourselves.

Peter F. Wells


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