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Protect our state’s voting counts

To the editor:

We get it. The U.S. Supreme Court was wrong. Corporations don’t have the same rights as people. Money is property, not speech. In amending our Constitution through the courts, corporations have usurped our right to fair, honest elections and a representative government committed to working for the public interest.

Corporations’ influence on our government has also usurped our Constitutional rights to publicly observable and verifiable elections.

Policymakers and election officials have simply ignored our N.H. Constitution and consistent laws that protect our rights, votes and elections. In computer count towns, many election officials have ceded their oversight responsibilities to a private corporation.

The federal Help America Vote Act (2002) included $3.9 billion taxpayer dollars as incentives to states to “upgrade” election systems that violate our most fundamental right as citizens. Corporations continue to earn profits, while 26 states now spend more taxpayer money to protect against known vulnerabilities (significant error and undetectable fraud). We the people pay the cost with no assurance election results reflect the will of the people. Absurd!

Other nations have chosen differently. In 2009, the German court declared electronic voting unconstitutional, saying citizens must be able to authenticate the legitimacy of their elections without need for special expertise. Ireland and the Netherlands considered the research findings and decided the technology was too unreliable to use.

Whose interest is served when government doesn’t follow or enforce election laws that protect our most fundamental rights?

Citizens are working to rebuild the crumbling foundation of self-government, the promise of fair and honest elections, that the Revolutionary War generation put in place for us. Check out the May 18 “Protect the Count NH” Facebook posting. Join us!

Deborah Sumner


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