The solution to unemployment

To the editor:

I want you to consider the following: Present national unemployment according to the government is approximately 7.5 percent — a misleading figure which doesn’t include those individuals who have “given up” looking for employment. This is an incredible drag on recovery, which is twofold — lack of purchasing power, but also government subsidies to the unemployed with unemployment monies, food stamps, etc., programs which increase the deficit.

The answer to the above problems always has been the rebuilding of the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing of goods has been outsourced for one simple reason: cheap labor. It will not return unless overseas manufacturing becomes an unprofitable option, or the government institutes policies which mandate that return.

Make no mistake, I am very pro global economy. It is essential for cooperation and peace among nations. However, the wholesale shipping of manufacturing jobs overseas for the sake of excessive profitability is an insult to the heritage and populace of the nation. The fact that manufacturing of all Apple products is overseas is one disgraceful example.

However, I ponder solutions when I see problems — solutions which treat disease and not the symptoms. Thusly the solution is really quite simple. All companies that manufacture goods overseas, which sell those goods in the United States and are listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ, are required to manufacture 15 percent of that good, either components or entire process, in the United States.

Lastly, get a coffee, sit down and think of the ramifications.

Fred Giaimo


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