UPDATED: Antrim Town Meeting Results

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Friday, February 22, 2019 1:0PM
Antrim Town Meeting ResultsThe results of Tuesday’s ballot voting:

434 voters out of the town’s 1,974 registered voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s ballot voting.

* incumbents

Select Board

(one three-year seat)

Robert L Edwards* was re-elected with 391 votes

Cemetery Trustees

(one three-year seat)

John Destromp was elected with 382 votes

(one two-year seat)

Sarah Burt was elected with 376 votes

(one one-year seat)

Martha E. Pinello was elected with 376 votes

Water and Sewer Commission

(one three-year seat)

In a two-way race for the seat Peter Beblowski won the seat with 286 votes, Jeffrey Barsanti lost with 120 votes

Planning Board

(two three-year seats)

John Anderson – 294

William K. Fluhr – 135

Mark D. Murdough –249

(one two-year seat)

Neal Pattison – 178

Jeff Wilson – 157

Supervisor of the Checklist

(one three-year term)

Dawne D. Hugron* – 401

(one one-year term)

Margaret C. Warner* – 385

Trustee of the Trust Funds

(one three-year term)

William Bryk – 108

Sarah W. Edwards – 294

Library Trustee

(two three-year terms)

Doris (Shelley) Nelkens – 95

Stephen Ullman* – 297

Richard (Rick) Wood – 336

(one two-year term)

Sarah Burt – 119

Victor Rosansky – 75

Margaret C. Warner* – 146

(one one-year term)

Nancy F. Blair – 390

When Town Meeting continued Thursday night, voters passed all articles on the warrant.Thursday night’s voting results:

■$60,000 to replace the fire department’s current self-contained breathing apparatusesPASSED by a voice vote

■$100,000 for the replacement of the Hilton Avenue Bridge PASSED by a voice vote

■$220,000 for the replacement of the Pleasant Street CulvertPASSED by a voice vote

■To raise money for the following capital reserve funds: $100,000 for bridges, $40,000 for highway, $30,000 park and recreational, $75,000 fire department, $5,000 for dam maintenance, and $15,000 for town government PASSED by a voice vote

■Article 6 asks voters to raise $25,000 to continue the update to the town’s assessment. PASSED by a voice vote

■$40,000 to purchase and outfit a police cruiserPASSED by a voice vote

■To enter a five-year lease agreement to purchase a $190,000 highway department truckPASSED by a voice vote

■$30,000 to complete an asset management plan for the sewer departmentPASSED 96 to 3 by a ballot vote

■$4,140,016 on the town’s operating budgetPASSED by a voice vote

■To adopt an optional property tax exemption for properties equipped with solar energy systems intended for use at the immediate sitePASSED by a voice vote

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