Dublin police to wear badges commemorating 9/11 anniversary

  • The Dublin Police Department is wearing commemorative badges this month to honor the 20th Anniversary of those lost in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Courtesy photo—

  • The Dublin Police Department is wearing commemorative badges this month. Courtesy photo

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Published: 9/9/2021 2:37:36 PM

This month, the Dublin Police Department will be commemorating the lives of first responders lost during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with memorial badges and patches on their uniforms.

Chief Tim Suokko said he contacted a company that makes memorial patches at the start of the year, as he was thinking about how to mark the 20th anniversary of the attacks.

“In my generation of policing, it’s an event that sparked a lot of careers and people’s interest in service,” Suokko said. “And it’s a way of remembering those who were lost.”

Suokko himself was in his first year of college, and had already settled on a Criminal Justice major when the attacks occurred. He says he recalls the surge of people inspired to join public service in the years following – joining the military, police force, fire department or medical fields.

“It was a great unification of the country,” Suokko said.

And, an example of just what sacrifice might be asked.

“That really is what it is about,” Suokko said. “Everyone who runs in when everyone else is running out. The nerve to go in to those towers, when they’re on fire and collapsing, and people are running out screaming is unbelievable. It’s amazing and it’s hard to comprehend what these men and women were going through. We do this job and hope we never have to be put in that situation, but we’re there to help when called upon, even if it means putting ourselves in danger.”

Typically, Suokko said, the County broadcasts a moment of silence as a memorial for those lost on the anniversary each year. This year, he said, the patches and commemorative badges will act as a month-long reminder to remember to people who died that day. He said it will likely become an annual tradition for the department during the month of September.

The Dublin Police Department will also have a representative at the Cathedral of the Pines on Sept. 11, for the annual reading of the names of the victims of the attacks, including the first responders who died at the scene.

“We are now seeing a generation of people who were babies or weren’t born yet when this happened,” Suokko said. “It’s good for people to know about. It’s good for them to remember.”


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