Greenville election results: Mary reelected to another selectman term, unopposed

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Published: 3/11/2020 10:11:16 AM
Modified: 3/11/2020 10:11:06 AM
Election Results

Tuesday, March 10

Voters on the checklist: 1221

Ballots cast: 173

Select Board

(one three-year term)

Carla Mary: 149 votes


(one two-year terms)

Elisa Fitzgerald: 161 votes

Library Trustee

(one three-year term)

Debra Spratt: 154 votes

Library Trustee

(two two-year term)

Judith Wilkens: 153 votes

Fire Ward

(one three-year term)

William Brooks: 154 votes

Cemetery Trustee

(one three-year term)

Sarah Hartley: 160 votes

Trustee of the Trust Funds

(one three-year term)

William Broughton: 158 votes

Supervisor of the Checklist

(one six-year term)

Elaine Bourgault: 160 votes

Town Meeting Continues Saturday, March 14

Warrant Articles

■Article 2 asks the town to accept the Town Report.

■Article 3 asks to raise a total of $2,237,549 for the town budget.

■Article 4 asks to raise $409,224 for the operation of the Wastewater Department. The funds will be raised by wastewater revenues, not from taxation.

■Article 5 asks to raise $294,585 for the operation of the Water Department. The funds will be raised by water revenues, not from taxation.

■Article 6 asks to raise a total of $30,000 for two capital reserve funds. $20,000 would be added to the Green Bridge Improvement fund, and $10,000 would be added to the Public Works Equipment fund. All $30,000 is to come from the unassigned fund balance.

■Article 7 asks to raise a total of $40,000 for existing Expendable Trust Funds. Of that, $15,000 would be raised for the Pool Repair and Improvements fund, and $20,000 would be raised for the Fire Equipment Fund. Both those expenditures would be paid through taxation. $5,000 would be added to the Police Cruiser fund, paid for through the previous year’s unassigned fund balance.

■Article 8 asks the town to raise $30,000 for the Wastewater Department Expendable Trust. The funds would be raised through wastewater revenue.

■Article 9 asks the town to raise $20,000 for the Water Department Expendable Trust. The funds would be raised through water revenue.

■Article 10 asks that the town be allowed to accept a Highway Block Grant from the state. The grant provides $44,935 for the purpose of repairing and paving town roads. The money is allocated to the town from the state, but cannot be spent without town approval.

■Article 11 asks the town to adopt the state leash law. The law forbids dogs to run at large if they are not accompanied by its owner or responsible person, or being used for hunting, herding, competition or exhibition.

■Article 12 asks the town to repeal the town’s dog control ordinance. If Article 11 passes, the town would ask to repeal the town’s own ordinance, which is based on the state’s ordinance from 1973. Differences between the ordinances include the fines for nuisance dogs. The town only allows a $10 fine, no matter how many times a dog is found at large, while the state ordinance increases fines for multiple offenses.

■Article 13 asks the town to establish a revolving fund for the recreation department. Certain revenues from recreation services can be paid into the fund, and later used for recreation expenses. The money will not have to be turned back to taxpayers if not spent at the end of the year, but can be accumulated year to year.

■Article 14 asks the town to establish a new expandable trust fund, and raise $30,000 from taxes to put into it. The purpose of the fund is to replace or repair the boiler for the Town Hall if it should fail.

■Article 15 asks to use $5,000 from the Town Hall Capital Reserve to use as matching funds for grants to conduct a planning study to re-open the second floor of the Town Hall. The total cost of the project is $30,000.

■Article 16 asks to raise $150,000 to remove the sludge dredged from the Water Treatment Plant lagoons. Of that, $39,336 is expected to come from state Municipal Aid, and $110,664 from the Water Department Expendable Trust Fund.

■Article 17 asks the town to raise $102,000 to purchase 14 air packs, 14 air cylinders and six face masks for the Fire Department. The entirety of the funds would be taken from the previous year’s unassigned fund balance.

■Article 18 asks to accept $23,966 to repair and remodel the Town Hall basement, which was damaged by flooding in the fall. The entire amount is from an insurance claim, and not from taxes.

■Article 19 asks the town to modify its existing tax credit for veterans who have a total disability connected to their military service. The current credit is $2,000, and would be raised to $4,000.

■Article 20 is an article submitted by petition. It asks the town to contact state and federal representatives to call upon them to enact carbon-pricing legislation. Companies that produce carbon pollution would be charged based on the amount of pollution they produced. The resulting funds would be returned to taxpayers as a dividend. Approving this article would result in the town sending a record of the vote to the town’s state legislators and congressional delegation, the state governor and the president of the United States to inform them of the will of voters.

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