Letter: Rindge select board needs to find common ground

Friday, September 22, 2017 10:2AM
Board needs to find common ground

To the editor,

As many have noticed, the town has lost three staff members in the past few months. That coupled with the resignation of the town administrator about two years ago clearly indicates that something is wrong in how Rindge’s Board of Selectmen is conducting its business. This is extremely troubling whether or not you are a member of the Save Our Town group.

No town should experience this recent loss of personnel in such a short period of time. As the ones in whom the town places the expectations that its business will run smoothly, it is incumbent on board of selectmen to figure out how to fix and manage the situation. They should not take the position that they bear no responsibility, that they are doing everything correctly or that the non-Save Our Town folks are at fault. There is something wrong in the way that town’s administration is conducting business as so many folks would not be complaining and we would not have so many staff departures.

Although I do not think my suggestion for a solution will be well received, based on past comments, I think it would be healthy and wise for the selectmen to hire a third party to get to base issues and possible solutions. Staff needs the confidentiality of a third party to open up and express their concerns. The selectmen need also to reach out to residents for input without prejudging the people expressing an opinion that may be different from their own. They need to find common ground with the public to rebuild confidence in town governance.

Albert Lefebvre