History repeats itself 

Friday, August 10, 2018 4:55PM
To the editor:

I’ve been reading a book by Jon Meacham, The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush, that has been very informative. In particular, President Bush’s father, Senator Prescott Bush, was on a committee investigating Senator Joseph McCarthy and his Un-American Activities Committee accusations of Communists in our government. McCarthy was the leader of the Republican hardcore conservatives. While many were afraid to speak out against McCarthy, Senator Bush rose on December 1, 1954, and made the following comments, “Mr. President, all my life I have looked upon membership in the United States Senate as the greatest office to which one could aspire. McCarthy ... has caused dangerous divisions among the American people because of his attitude, and the attitude he has encouraged among his followers, that there can be no honest differences of opinion with him. Either you must follow Senator McCarthy blindly, not daring to express any doubts or disagreements about any of his actions, or in his eyes you must be a Communist, a Communist sympathizer, or a fool who has been duped by the Communist line”. What startled me is if you substitute President Trump and his agenda in Bush’s speech, don’t we currently have a very similar situation? It is said that history repeats itself and that seems to be the case today. Scary!

Richard Miller