If it matters to you, it matters to me

Friday, August 10, 2018 3:52PM
To the editor:

One month ago I agreed to run for representative for House District 3: Bennington, Greenfield and Hancock.

In my first conversations with community members, I heard the word “respect” repeated whenever Jon Manley’s name was mentioned. Jon earned that respect during his exceptional career teaching science at ConVal  High School and throughout his three terms as a New Hampshire state representative. I would like to honor his outstanding dedication by conducting my own campaign and term of service with the same integrity, commitment and common sense that Jon demonstrated.

Sometimes we forget the true meaning of representative “to act or speak on behalf of others.” My focus as your candidate is to find out what matters to you. Then, if elected, I will work with others to find real, practical solutions to those problems.I hear your concerns about finding a good job with a living wage, affordability of health care, careful use of our tax dollars, and the sustainability of the wonderful natural environment we enjoy in New Hampshire. I hear folks raise many concerns about the future for their kids and grandkids. Will they be safe at school? Will they learn skills that enable them to pursue meaningful work? Can they afford to go to college? Will they have the opportunity to vote on their future? The specific answers we seek to those concerns lie in conversations we have – you, our citizens, our voters, and I.

As I enter our town hall to register as a candidate, I do so with the belief that elections matter. Many votes in the past month in Concord have been decided by fewer than 10 votes! Over the next 150 days, I look forward to meeting you and hearing what’s on your mind. On Nov. 6 you will have the opportunity to vote for what matters to our future.

Dan Pickering