Thursday, March 16, 2017
I lead by example

To the editor:

At our “Candidates’ Night” held on March 9, I was roundly criticized for insisting that any complaint to the Board of Selectmen be made in writing and signed by the complainant. John Kieley asked me if I knew that a “written” complaint immediately becomes a matter of public record. A little unhinged by all the “mudslinging” being cast in my direction, I simply stated that I did not. However, later and thinking a bit more clearly, I would suggest that even an “anonymous” complaint filed during an open and public BOS meeting would likely become a public record as well.

Also, shortly after becoming a BOS member in 2014, I received an “anonymous” zoning complaint regarding the residence and two apartments existing just north of the Temple library. It took two requests before my fellow board members would allow the complaint to be heard. It was quickly dismissed as being insignificant to consider. In fact, John Kieley suggested he might forewarn the owner regarding the complaint. Now, talk about favoritism! Should I be allowed to serve another term, I will still insist that any complaints be made in written form in order to have my consideration.

Questioned about my leadership skills, I would only suggest that I have always chosen to lead by example. I was often given leadership roles while in the military. I’ve always taken a serious role in seeing that the tasks assigned to me and my subordinates were carried out to a successful conclusion.

Being a member of the BOS does not require an advanced degree. I tend to study, listen and debate the issues and vote with a thoughtful , reasoned and compassionate heart. I have never been a coward and have no need for a visit with “the Wizard of Oz.”

George Willard