Thursday, March 16, 2017
Easy decisions in Rindge

To the editor:

Once again, “Meet the Candidates Night” last Monday evening at the Rindge Rec Center was well worth my time. I learned that Tim Halliday, running for selectman against Bob Hamilton, has attended a whopping one selectman’s meeting in the last year.

Nope, he didn’t make the town deliberative session either. Didn’t have a clue when asked his opinion on Article 17 concerning a road closure issue. Gee....that’s quite a contrast to Bob Hamilton, who spends hours researching statutes, laws and contracts – all to protect us Rindge residents from hasty decisions that can come back to bite us. Thanks, Bob. This decision is a no-brainer. Lisa Wiley and Gillian L’Eplattenier both seem very well qualified to fill the library trustee spot. The major difference between the two appears to be their approach concerning the library renovation project. One (Lisa) favors sticking with the original consulted architect while the other (Gillian) favors employing local contractors in the interest of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Hmm, that latter approach is a win for us taxpayers, the local economy, and the library as that plan includes the third-floor renovations. Gillian, you’ve got the nod.

After listening to the Budget Advisory Committee candidates speak, two in particular stood out. Sharon Rasku views our town budget no differently than any household budget, there is only so much coming in and therefore only so much that can go out. Al L’Eplattenier stressed the difference between “wants” and “needs.” It’s refreshing to hear candidates want to hold our governmental spending to the same standard we hold to ourselves. Many thanks to the many helping hands that make Candidates Night possible.

June Sailor-O’Day