Letter: Voter fraud allegations are a cover

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Voter fraud allegations are a cover

To the editor:

I’m perplexed at the willingness of Sec. of State Bill Gardner to continue to go along with Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, a total sham to provide cover for continual gutting of voter rolls of people not prone to vote Trump. The whole thing is part of the three-ring Trump circus as was the “Infrastructure Summit” in early June that sucked in Gov. Sununu.

The Election Advisory Commission is headed by Kris Kobach the one American who is, without a doubt, the most anti-voting individual in the country. As Sec. of State of Kansas, Kobach spent his entire tenure trying to figure out new ways to disenfranchise voters. He was dragged into court numerous times for his venomous attempts to tilt the scale. And, like Trump, he is continually seeing conspiracies that, upon examination, never existed. He is a perfect fit for Trump.

Why Bill Gardner even agreed to serve in the charade is confusing. Bill is a bright guy, and a stellar Sec. of State, and there is nothing about Bill Gardner that would keep him from seeing what a bogus assignment Trump had devised. I can only think that maybe Bill thought he could make a difference.

That, Bill, is mission impossible. These guys already had a black and white agenda, mostly white, and you are going to be nothing more than a talking point about how a reputable Sec. of State contributed.

Don’t send them anything. Whether or not it’s already in the public domain, don’t give it up. If they want to come up and purchase it at the going rate, they have that right. But to surrender it right out of the chute is a gigantic step too far. Also, think about resigning from the club, you are going to be nothing more than a gleaming ornament as they attempt to establish credibility.

Ted Leach