Thursday, March 16, 2017
Rindge needsBob Hamilton

To the editor:

Selectman Bob Hamilton has earned my vote for re-election. It’s no coincidence that the Rindge town budget has remained flat for the past three years during Bob’s tenure, but it was no easy task. From working closely with departmental heads to fully understand all of the town’s obligations, to travelling back and forth to Concord representing the town’s interests, Mr. Hamilton has demonstrated the rare leadership and selfless service that Rindge sorely needed.

Let us also not forget about the pipeline. Just a short year ago, many residents worried about their water supply, home value, and property rights. I’m very grateful we had Mr. Hamilton representing the town’s interests during that battle. He doesn’t ask for thanks, but he’s earned it through many hours spent researching state statutes, attending meetings, and dealing with the rollercoaster of issues facing the town these past few years. He did so professionally, humbly, and with conviction. Without a doubt, he’s the right person for the job.

I would also like to mention the other great candidates on the ballot. Please join me in supporting Gillian L’Eplattenier as library trustee, and Sharon Rasku and Al L’Eplattenier for the Budget Advisory Committee. For many years, the L’Eplatteniers have actively participated in dozens of Select Board, planning, and budgetary meetings. Similarly, Ms. Rasku has demonstrated a strong commitment to the town while serving both the Budget Advisory and Capital Improvement Committees. Participating in meetings year-round, understanding town operational needs, listening to residents’ concerns with trying to make ends meet — these all factor into the job of serving a town.

Mr. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. L’Eplattenier and Ms. Rasku can appreciate the hard work and dedication required to balance town needs with keeping Rindge an affordable and desirable place to live. They’ve got my vote.

Jason Paolino