Along the Way: Jaffrey resident recalls visit to White House

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Jaffrey resident Chris Mazerall went to the White House as an invited guest, the same time the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots were being honored. Here is his recount:

I served in the Donald Trump campaign in the role of Town Chairman for the town of Jaffrey, as well as participating in efforts in surrounding towns for most of his candidacy. 

I thought the campaign events were over for me for the next of couple years, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from the White House political affairs office in March thanking me for my efforts. 

I assured them that they still have my full support and by addressing voter fraud concerns, we should have a clear path to victory in the next election. 

In early April, I received a call back from D.C. with the offer of a lifetime,  to visit the White House for a celebration. Last week, I had the honor of attending the president’s ceremony recognizing the New England Patriots for their outstanding 2016 season. Over a hundred people gathered on the South lawn for the event and Donald Trump and the players were in good spirits as the presidential marching band played festive music in the background. We were fortunate that the weather held, as it was an overcast day and it appeared that it could rain at any moment. 

Trump began by calling attention to the wounded veterans present in the crowd and recognizing the support the Patriots organization shows members of America’s military. He gave an uplifting speech praising the leadership and success of the organization in creating a “culture dedicated to winning” and the excellence exhibited by the team and how their hard work and skill were representative of America’s values, referring to “The Patriots’ Way.”  Trump was at home with his audience and regaled those in attendance with play by plays and shout outs to individual players for their roles during the phenomenal championship game. Robert Kraft spoke after the president, referring to his veneration for the country and the long odds faced by our forefathers, whose “hard work, perseverance, and most importantly mental toughness is the foundation of everything great about this country.” 

Kraft then presented the commander in chief with a personalized Jersey with Trump and the number 45 emblazoned across it.  Coach Bill Belichick followed by thanking the coaching staff, the team, and the fans for coming, as well as thanking the president and his staff for their hospitality. The coach then handed the president a helmet. There was clear chemistry between the president and his guests the and it was obvious to all in attendance the kinship in their triumph between the long shot victors, whom were both written off in the more trying moments of their battles.

The president clearly has his eye on the voters of New England and I expect a real fight for the hearts and minds of the voters of this region in 2020.

I am thankful to the president and his staff for arranging my visit and acknowledging my efforts working toward victory.


Chris Mazerall lives in Jaffrey.