Wilton Sewer Commission

Rate structure, infrastructure concerns


Occupation: Field sales representative, TTi Inc. , a division of Berkshire Hathaway

Time living in town: 52 years

Previously elected offices: Water Commissioner, current chairman, elected 2013

Other qualifications: BS in BA, major in public management, Bryant University; 23 Years EMT, Wilton Lyndeboro Temple EMS

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

Rate Structure: The current rate structure of the Wilton Sewer Commission is to charge a flat rate of $220 a year billed out quarterly along with the Water Commission bills. The present rate does not take in effect usage and so everyone pays the same rate regardless of their usage. Other communities such as Milford bill based on water usage and thus have some relationship between usage and rates.

Moving forward the Wilton Sewer Commission of which I am a current member is looking towards revising our rate structure both to address usage issues as well as to ensure that we have the proper amount of income coming in to offset our expenses which are driven by our relationship with Milford who charges us for the use of their Wastewater Treatment Facility in the Milford based on our usage.

Conflict of Interest: Currently the Wilton Sewer Commission has no members who are involved with any vendors that do work for us. My opponent in this race is the current Paid Director of the Wilton Public Works Department, which is a vendor for services to the Wilton Sewer Commission.

This past year due to a reduction in the amount of work performed by the Wilton Public Works Department for the Wilton Sewer Commission the Line Item for our Labor by the Town DPW was cut, thus reducing their potential income from us. There is no doubt that if elected my opponent will seek to reinstate the reduction in income to his department that was cut, thus increasing his own department’s bottom line, which he is paid to manage.


Occupation: Wilton Public Works Director for the last 10 years

Time living in town: 5 years

Previously elected offices: Cemetery trustee

Other qualifications: More than 35 years in the construction field, road, bridge, water, sewer, electrical conduit installation.

What are two issues you feel are important and how do you plan to address them?

I feel the infrastructure of Wilton needs to remain the main focus, and both a short- and long-term maintenance schedule be adhered to at the lowest cost to the users. I feel the town departments need to work together as one entity to maximize performance and keep costs down. I feel I am the best candidate to address these issues because my current position allows me to schedule and oversee the maintenance needed to perform everyday hands-on emergency and routine maintenance events. I also am well rehearsed in the town of Wilton’s budget process.

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