The GOP needs to be stopped, now

It’s time to counter all the misstatements and out-and-out lies that are coming from the GOP by email, newspapers and TV. Their hope is that you’ll believe anything that’s repeated over and over and over again. Billions, that’s right billions are being spent against most Democrats by secret groups enabled by the Supreme Court to spend all they want.

Their whole agenda is using anything to get into office and give the GOP the majority. Then their true agenda will hit with a big wham! The budget will be cut in all areas without any care for who will go wanting. Social Security, if it exists at all, will be vouchers run by Wall Street. The Affordable Care Act will be decimated. You think your health insurance coverage is a problem now, what about when you have none? More voter districts will be changed to favor the GOP. Climate change will be ignored as the GOP leadership doesn’t believe it. Many voting places will be closed hoping that long lines will discourage us from voting and voting machines will be altered. With the Koch brothers on the board of our PBS station, WGBH, do you really think you’ll be able to believe the news?

Since President Obama was voted into office, the whole GOP agenda was “make him fail.”And they don’t bring up issues for votes in the House, and filibuster any nominations in the Senate. You hear again and again how this administration is failing and the President’s ratings are falling. Of course there are many things not getting done, but it isn’t for lack trying. Finally the President had to say he’s going to do all he can without the involvement of the Congress. It’s the only path left open to him.

So, any ads you hear repeatedly should be treated as suspect. Be aware that much of the money for these ads is coming from out of state through the Koch brothers’ organizations and American Legislative Exchange Council who even pressure legislatures on how to write bills to favor the CEOs and the wealthy. You may think that this isn’t your problem because “it isn’t happening in good old New Hampshire.” Well, this is the federal government and Republican governors, and these changes would affect everyone of us. And on top of this, the Supreme Court now has a majority interpreting the Constitution in favor all of this money in politics that is surely ruining our democracy.

Please, make up your own mind about who you want in office. But do vote. Apathy and just plain disgust at the ineffective Congress are no reason or excuse for ignoring the polls. We will be in one sorry mess if the GOP leaders are put in charge. So, vote! May God bless the USA. Amen.

Marilyn Britton lives in Peterborough.

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