Letter: Bring democracy back to Rindge

To the editor:

From reading letters to the editor, I have learned of other townspeople not too happy with the way things are run in Rindge, so I also would like to add my thoughts.

Recently, two selectmen voted to give the town administrator complete authority to oversee and control the people who head the town’s different departments. I agree that the administrator should only have capacity to advise, and nothing more.

It seems the selectmen can’t trust the department heads to carry out the business that they were hired for, and the selectmen think that one administrator making the ultimate decisions is better than all the people combined that are capable in their capacity to run their departments. The town administrator’s position is an appointed one — forced on the townspeople at an exorbitant salary 71,000 a year. The position of administrator should be made an elected one, and any law that says differently should be repealed.

That also should be the case in other positions held by appointment, and contracts. Elections keep democracy alive — appointments are leaning toward tyranny, and the townspeople do not have a leg to stand on if the appointed ones are not performing to citizens’ satistaction. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that taxpayers still have to pay the salaries — whether they like the performance of appointed people or not. Maybe if all town positions were to be elected, democracy would survive — and the state motto would be a little more realistic. Live free or die.

Frank Wenzler


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