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Professional  skeptics for hire

To the editor:

The local climate skeptics insist on trotting out their two favorite climate deniers, Richard Lindzen of MIT and their latest “find” Professor S. Fred Singer.

Let’s start with Lindzen; who is but one of 1822 professors at MIT.

There are probably a couple of other climate deniers on the MIT campus too, but Lindzen is a lonely voice. He has been a paid hired gun for the coal industry and Exxon for decades.

And the newfound hero on the local skeptic front is Professor Singer.

Singer is an 88 year old retread who gets his kicks being anti-anything. He was a vocal denier during the cigarette battles. We know how that one turned out. Now he is Father Time for the climate skeptics. Never mind that he is on a $5,000 per month retainer from the Koch brother’s Heartland Institute. Because he has “Prof” in front of his name it’s a given that climate skeptics will glom on to him because there are so very few in their corner.

While the climate skeptics have Lindzen and Singer, the rest of the world has thousands of scientists from every single Academy of Science from the G8 nations, and also the Academy of Science from China, Brazil and Indonesia.

In short, the preponderance of evidence in the science world says climate change is real and is caused by humans.

Meanwhile a pair of fossil-funded Profs are happily scampering to the bank to spend their denier dollars.

Ted Leach


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