Town approves $2 million budget, all monetary articles

Wastewater treatment facility will be upgraded to compliance

GREENVILLE — In a quick Town Meeting process, the town gave its approval for all monetary warrant articles, including the $2,022,373 general operating budget for the town.

One of the only issues to see much discussion this year was Article 6, which asked the town to change the position of Town Treasurer from an elected official to an appointed position. In the only article to fail when put to the question, voters chose to keep the right to elect the treasurer.

Work will continue this year at the wastewater treatment facility to bring it into compliance with its discharge permit. This year, the town asked for $174,500 to continue the planning, studying, design, operation and facility upgrades necessary to bring the facility into compliance. Of that, $100,351 will come from the 2013 general fund balance, and $74,149 will come from taxation. The article will not lapse until 2016.

Several other of this year’s articles dealt with fund allocations for the Wastewater and Water Departments. The town agreed to raise $339,191 for the Wastewater Department and $250,635 for the Water Department.

The town also approved two additions to the wastewater expendable trust fund — $32,000 from wastewater revenue, and $17,392.45 from the 2013 general fund balance. The request for $100,000 from water revenue to be added to the water department expendable trust was also approved.

Road and culvert repairs were also addressed on the warrant, to be paid for in full or in part by grant funds. One article, already approved by taxpayers in 2012, appeared again on this year’s warrant, asking for $31,329 for the Livingston Road Culvert Upgrade project. The cost will be covered by the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, which will pay $23,497, with the town’s match of $7,832 to come from the 2013 town fund balance. The project was not completed before the article approved in 2012 lapsed at the end of 2013, before the project was completed. Voters again approved the funds, and the article will be non-lapsing until the end of 2015.

In other grant-funded projects, the town agreed to raise and appropriate $37,348 for reconstructing and repairing and paving town roads, which will be offset by a state Highway Block Grant.

The Highway Department also received approval to purchase a used plow motor vehicle for $35,000. The vehicle is required to weigh between 19,500 and 36,000 pounds. The funds will be expended from the public works equipment capital reserve. The town also approved putting an additional $4,995 into that same fund from the 2013 general fund balance.

The town also set aside $15,000 in a capital reserve for future improvements tot he Green Bridge.

The town approved $14,000 for existing expendable trust funds — $5,000 for the new fire station, $5,000 for fire station repairs, $2,000 for pool repair and improvements, and $$2,000 for parks and recreation improvement. In a separate article, the town also agreed to raise and appropriate $3,800 to be placed in the Greenville police cruiser expendable trust.

Like multiple other towns in the region, Greenville also had an article on the warrant that asked if the town would stand with the Move to Amend campaign which seeks to establish that only human beings and not corporations are endowed with constitutional rights, and establishing tat regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech. The town voted 20-17 in a hand vote to table the issue, and it was not voted upon.

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