In honor of teachers

PES students, and even some parents, write in for Teacher Appreciation Week

As a parent of four children in three of the ConVal School District schools, I want to say thank you to all the great teachers, paras and staff in our schools. I am so grateful for all the hours, hard work and dedication you put into educating our children.

I could list all of the teachers my children have had, but instead I am just going to say: Thank you to Mrs. Peggy Van and Mr. Driscoll, as well as Mrs. Camitta, Mrs. Hughes, Keene State for Miss Sall and Mr. B for all your support and an amazing year.

Jennifer Roe-Ward Peterborough

My name is Elli, I’m in fourth grade, I go to PES and I love my school. It is Teacher Appreciation Week and I appreciate all of our teachers. This year I have Mrs. Camitta and I think she is compassionate, caring and nice. First, she’s compassionate because she helps me and others solve problems between friends in a very kind and fair way. I had a problem with a friend and she helped us solve our problem by sitting down at lunch with us. She cares about all of her students. She called my house after school to make sure I was okay.

Finally she’s nice because she finds the good in everyone, doesn’t raise her voice and accepts our mistakes and lets it go. I think she is a great teacher.

Elli Ward, age 10, Peterborough

My name is Chloe and my favorite thing about PES is all the teachers. They make learning so much fun. Mrs. Hughes is my first grade teacher. I love the way she dresses up and looks so pretty everyday, she is kind, smart and great. We play lots of fun games like splat, I love circle time and special writing projects.

Miss Sall and Mr. B are also my teachers and they are awesome. Mr B even helped Mrs. Hughes learn about the smart board. Ms. Camara is so much fun and teaches me so much about math. Mrs Marocco is so nice and even though she is not my teacher she made the whole school want to read. I even won tickets to a baseball game because of her. We have so much fun in gym, library, art, music and health. School is a great place and I love my teachers.

Chloe Ward, age 7, Peterborough

Mr. Marean,

I like when you let us play on the computers, writing in our journals, and singing songs with you. You are one of the best teachers!

Megan Millbauer, age 6, Peterborough

Dear Ms. Judkins,

Thank you so much for teaching me all you did. You are super nice. I liked when you taught me about multiplication. I love doing those timed math tests — they are fun. I will really miss you when I go to fourth grade but I will stop by your classroom and say hello. Also thank you for teaching me P.O.W, T.R.E.E and T.I.D.E.

And I liked when we went into the library and did the essays on what is your favorite animal in the mammal animals. My favorite was the Bengal tiger. I like when you let us lay down at read-aloud too and I like when you read “The Secret Garden” to us. That is one of my favorite books but I don’t really like the first chapter or two.

Thank you for teaching me so many things.


Ollie Theriault, third grader, Peterborough

I really like Mrs. Blackburn as a my second grade teacher. She plans great activities to help us learn and she knows how to make it fun and she lets us use BrainPop Jr. We made telescopes using Pringles cans to learn the constellations. Mrs. Blackburn also lets us have class parties. She plans cool crafts during the parties. I also really like it when she gives us extra time for snack.

Amia Knowles, second grade, PES

I really like Mrs. Fraley for my fourth grade teacher. I really like Mrs. Fraley because she is fun loving, funny and creative. She helps plans the best field trips and does the best lessons. Mrs. Fraley is the best fourth grade teacher I’ve ever had!! I could never get a better fourth grade teacher.

Sarah Knowles, fourth grade, PES

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