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District employee situation alarming

To the editor:

In recent months there have been many personnel that have been either non- renewed, demoted or hours cut. Interestingly, these are all strong women with the exception of the Tech Director. Many of these people have worked for the Mascenic District for 15-plus years. Some were mailed a non-renewal and some of them their positions were posted without their knowledge. They include Jenifer Krook, business administrator, non-renewed; technology director, non-renewed; Sally Barrnett, Title I director, non-renewed; the entire Title I department, non-renewed; Linda Lannin, occupational therapist, non-renewed; all special services, non-renewed; Mascenic guidance director, demoted; Terri Pasieka, high school guidance secretary, hours cut.

This is an alarming amount of personnel. These were the same people that were working for the Mascenic District when the district won all their awards? Why is the superintendent cleaning house? I wonder what administrator or department will be next? I guess a new broom does sweep clean.

Why don’t you go to a School Board meeting and ask what is happening? Oh wait, you can’t speak to this during public communication unless it is on their controlled agenda. Okay, so email them and ask. I forgot, they don’t respond to emails. Hmm, how does the public get to communicate their concerns? Maybe through the newspaper?

A concerned citizen of the Mascenic School District,

Linda A. Kivela

New Ipswich

Legacy Comments1

I would respect this letter more if the facts were correct. IF you attended all the school board meetings, not just those that involve drama with your personal friends, you would know that ALL the Title I staff aren't out of jobs, it is my understanding that Title I was restructured and most were rehired under the restructured department. I suppose if the person who purchased a coffeemaker and AC unit with grant money that was only intended for the Title I students was not renewed, I would commend that decision wholeheartedly. For those that do not do their jobs properly, they do not keep them. Private or public sector included. In speaking of the position which hours were cut from, I would assume the SAU and school board are doing their part in cutting costs where needed and again, I applaud that. In regards to Jenifer Krook's non-renewal, perhaps the most recent audit report and the fact that the Highbridge Hill construction project spending isn't jiving with the Department of Education, and that us the taxpayers could be on the hook for that, I would say again, that bravo for not keeping a person who cannot spend money the way it should be spent, shouldn't be keeping their job. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to read the new audit report:

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