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Global warming? — no problem

I must admit that I was a global warming skeptic from the get-go. Not sure why, exactly — maybe partly because I remember in the ’70s some people saying the earth was entering an “ice age”!?! Heck, possibly this means we are now at the tail end of a warming period within a larger cooling period! (This reminds me of hedging analysis reports when I was in the investment business.) But, what do I know? I’m not an earth scientist and I don’t play one on TV. I’ve never even been within miles of an ice cap.

However, I do read a lot and I try to keep an open mind. In fact, I don’t have a dog in this race. In mean, what would be so bad about global warming, anyway? Personally, I wouldn’t have to move to Florida in the winter. That would save me a bundle of “do-re-mi.” Second, my heating bills would go way down. Hallelujah! And, third, how about all that land, no longer under ice and snow for so long, to grow more food for the burgeoning population explosion — I think that may be redundant, but I like the sound of it — in other parts of the world?

Anyway, I not only read a lot, I ask a lot of questions. Like: Why aren’t there a bunch of insurance guys running around places like “West Egg” on the Atlantic: “Excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Fat Cat. I’m Mr. Doom from ACME Insurance Co. I see you’ve applied for a building permit to build a McMansion within 10 miles of the shore. According to this study from the Diluvial Environmental Pro-Earth Society, this entire region will be under water in no more than 2.65 years! So, I guarantee you will not be covered by us. We recommend that you do not build here unless you plan to self-insure.”

Or these: Why aren’t all the cities and towns on any coast rebuilding piers and landing docks to accommodate higher waters? I don’t notice that happening in Martha’s Vineyard or in Woods Hole. Why aren’t people moving up to their second stories by now? After all, at one of Peterborough’s Economic Development Authority meetings 6 or 7 years ago, one woman told us that Boston would be under water in 10 years! That leaves four years tops!

So, I say to myself today, Boston is still here — all of it. So, what’s up? The woman was, I believe, genuinely frightened that the sky was falling “tomorrow.” Either that, or she was a great actress. And that we had to make immediate, draconian, regulatory changes to save us from a fate worse than death. Me? I’d love my fate of not having to move to Florida to stay warm. As for the Grim Reaper? Well, he can hang around kicking his heals for a good, long time. I have plans! Including creating a comfy neighborhood, community reading room, library upstairs in my barn to house my fast growing collection of books. A place where anyone can come anytime, kick off their shoes, pull a book off the shelves — anything from alternative healing, gardening, sustainability, politics, economics, energy, history, etc., and curl up on a sofa.

I know global warming is a serious matter to many. However, here’s my prediction: Chicken Little will be springing me a surprise from the debt clock long before the deluged dock. But, since I also predict that the pro-warmers will continue to convince the government to regulate my life, heat and pursuit of happiness, thereby raising the prices of everything I need to survive, this group will be embarking upon, this spring, a local self-sustainability project. This will include, but not be limited to, home gardening around the neighborhood, specialized growing, sharing of alternative energy, alternative healing methods, water collection, etc., etc.

You are very welcome to join — with brain, brawn or both!

Oh, and bring water!

Hope Taylor lives in Peterborough.

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