This isn’t middle school anymore

People say change can’t occur overnight, but I have four years of proof that ConVal High School has changed a lot of things about me.

Every year I always have a plan or an expectation of how things are going to be, but the school has never failed to throw me in a completely different direction. Although I complain about my years at ConVal, I can’t overlook the contributions it’s made to my growth and development over the years. I came into ConVal freshman year as sort of the new girl and my main goal was to befriend everyone; as a senior I now see how impossible that is. I know when students are asked to write about their school they choose to write about teachers and classes, but I feel like everyone misses the main thing — friendships and people.

Coming into high school I already knew I was no math whiz, I could write an amazing paper in half an hour and sports are my thing, but I didn’t know how strong I could be mentally. Whilst trying to achieve my goal of befriending everyone at the school, I realize I was morphing myself into a student who wasn’t being true to herself. They say college helps you find yourself or backpacking across East Asia, but no. High school is the place where a teenager begins to discover who they are, who they want to be and that they have their entire lives to get there.

The honest truth at the end of your four years you face is you’re not in eighth grade anymore. The four years of friendships you fought to keep, probably won’t last into your second semester of college. It sounds bad, but you now have the opportunity to do something great. Yes, ConVal has taught me that.

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