Hybrid Town Meeting: Time to return to a full town meeting

Town Meeting is all a buzz

The room is full of us

Hanging out (up) in the balcony

All those who couldn’t fit amongst.

While we listen and ponder

Thoughts leading to wonder

Decisions we make, our paddle for the sign

Affect our community into time.

Mother nature has pulled her trick

A foot of snow accumulated quick,

around and on all our vehicles

Grove Street was transformed

while we were inside

Beaver Jutras’ wife laughs,

Shoving 12 inches off her roof,

Removing the proof.

We have abandoned town meeting in March

The snowbirds were going to fly to May’s

They must have lost their way.

Less than half a room have all the say

“It looks pretty affirmative to me”

But no call for the nays

Yes, yes had the vote but

no one let us protest with our say.

People gave up their power

Their voices muffled within,

as in Dorothy’s tunnel slide to Oz

The other side isn’t what it was suppose to be.

Recapture the old New England town hall meeting

Norman Rockwell, where are you

to paint Peterborough as it ought to be?

Send the modern Rockwell to

get us back on track,

The real New England way.

Kathleen “Kath” Allen lives in Peterborough.

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