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Corporations must pay fair share

To the editor:

Apple’s brand halo is slipping. Silicon Valley’s well-known vanity and contempt for government are amply displayed in Apple’s tax figures. Apple, a consumer products company that sells beautifully designed gadgets, pays very little tax anywhere in the world, including the United States.

I’d like to ask members of Congress, both parties, why the discussion about the federal deficits and debt ceiling revolves solely around the Affordable Care Act, and not passing laws to make sure U.S. based companies pay their fair share of taxes? Does Congress really want to squeeze the little taxpayer by taking away what few benefits workers have, and let the large multinational corporations get by without paying their fair share of taxes?

The multinationals benefit from having a highly trained, very productive workforce, excellent infrastructure and excellent police and fire protection, not to mention national security, and a legal system that protects their intellectual property. And they aren’t willing to reinvest in that which enables their profits?

If we can shut down the terrorist funding networks, if we can impose financial sanctions against countries we disagree with, we certainly ought to be able to figure out how to tax companies that do business in the U.S.

As we are finding out, the federal government affects us all in ways we never really think about, yet it is crucial to our well being as a functioning nation. We all have to do our part to make it work, even multinational corporations. After all, according to Citizens United, and a recent Republican presidential candidate, “corporations are people.” If they can spend mega bucks on political campaigns to elect officials that benefit them, they should pay their share of the taxes too.

Walter Saenger


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