No-government ideal is a fantasy

To the editor:

The government shutdown is over, but all the commentators think it will recur in a few months, because the Tea Party Republican House members are all from safe seats, and their electorates are impervious to information about the scope of the damage done by the sequester, gridlock, shutdown, and possible default.

These people all do this because they simply (simple-mindedly?) believe that “government is bad.” I have a modest proposal: Why not make these districts “pilot projects” for no government? Remove all federal government interaction with the people in these districts and watch what happens. This should give the Tea Party what it wants, and if it is so good to have no government, they will be able to prove it to the rest of the country.

I personally think that Somalia in the recent past is not a good model of what happens when there is no government, and I notice that the Tea Party folks are not emigrating there, but I can keep an open mind.

Rev. Teri Motley


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