Letter: Republicans deep in the mire

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:17AM
Republicans deep in the mire

To the editor:

Why is it that Republican presidents who mire themselves in all kinds of trouble rarely suffer when in office? (Richard Nixon, whose “trouble” was openly criminal, constitutes the violable exception.) Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra escapade, a more than shady, perhaps criminal deal, rendered the Great Communicator the Teflon President. George W. Bush and company’s blatant violations of the Geneva Conventions, including a Godfather-like bed-side visit to the hospitalized, seriously ill Ashcroft to bully him into signing permission to continue water-boarding, somehow quietly evaporated. Our current president and Russia’s fearless leader seem mutually and secretly beholden to each other for who knows what, while the secret service budget has been just about used up as we tax payers cover golf cart rental fees as well as the offsprings’ business trips, and the emoluments keep rolling along. No matter what – as Dickens’s Mr. Bumble asked, “Morality? What has morality to do with the law?” – Republicans in Congress stand by their men, loyally circling the wagons.

What about Democratic presidents and our recent Democratic candidate? President Clinton misbehaved with women and thanks to his Attorney Genera’s repealed green lights to Ken Starr, the most distasteful details were forced on the American public. Where were the Democrats standing by their man? In hiding, no doubt, except for super-moral Democrat Joe Lieberman, who had left his first wife to go off with his secretary – now second wife – who, on the floor of the Senate, loudly called for the censure of his president. It was the electorate that stood by Clinton, not his political colleagues. President Obama, likely the most morally spotless leader our nation had known, worked tirelessly to enact programs Democrats supposedly stand for. For seven years, the Party of No pummeled him. Were the strong men of the Senate charging around the country to explain the value of affordable health care, of the jobs bill, of environmental protections? Durbin? Baucus? Dodd, Leahy? Anybody? Were they all afraid of standing by their African-American president? Once again, it was the electorate that stood by Obama, not his political colleagues. And, most recently, when President Trump spewed forth lies about Hillary Clinton, whose every document was a matter of public record, smeared her relentlessly, stalked her on stage at a debate, got father Flynn to get the chant of “lock her up” going at rallies and son Flynn to spread a vile story of some kind of sex traffic in a pizza parlor, where were the big guns thundering in her defense? All you big guns, it’s high time you learned from the loyal electorate to support your leaders, fallible, certainly, but hardly deep in the mire.

Heidi Dawidoff